Minnesota Barber License

Minnesota Barber License

To get a Minnesota barber license, everyone needs to go through certain steps. You will find details about the process and the lesson process in this article.

Enter a special school approved by the council and complete the program

To get permission, you need to go through special hairdressing lessons. They are: Moler School, Minneapolis Community Technical College, and School of Barbering. You’ll participate in 1500 hours, which is 8 hours a day.

During the lesson, you’ll learn hair bleaching and coloring, hair straightening with chemicals, facial and neck muscle massage, etc.

Pass all relevant exams and register as a student

After successfully finishing the training, you go to the next stage, working on the Apprentice Haircutter test. That goes through 3 steps: written, verbal and practical, testing your knowledge and skills. The minimum score for each round is 70% of the correct answers.

The Board of Examiners organizes it four times a year. The first Mondays of February, May, August, and November.

How to apply

You’ll need to submit an application fee of $88 and a 1500-hour certificate of completion. After that, you have 4 years to get hairdressing permission. Before taking it, the Board will ask you to purchase a $75 home study course. That’ll help you to prepare properly.

Pass the master program and check-in for the Barber License

Within the 20 days before the examination, certain materials should be submitted to the board. These materials are:

  • The certificate that you have completed 1500 lessons
  • Check for $93.50
  • Test application

Note that the exam for the title of Master differs from the undergraduate in only 12 oral questions.

Update your Barber Permit every year

The permit expires on December 31 of each year. To renew it, you must apply for either an undergraduate extension request or a hairdresser extension annex, depending on your current status. They have to pay $77 with their annex, while registered persons have to pay $88.

You can renew it in three ways. You can renew online (note: credit card processing fee will refer), or by mail or in person at the following address:

University Park Plaza Building
2829 University Avenue South East Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN 55414

There is currently no requirement for continuing education.

Transferring from another country

If you live in another country and want to move to Minnesota to pursue a career, you must present your current allowance to your state council.

The board will in turn test your knowledge and skill level, decide whether to allow you to work under permission from another country, or undergo training. You can read more here.

How to transfer a Minnesota license to other states?

If you have decided to relocate to another place to pursue a career, you may want to refer for your future residency requirements. The board sends the check to that place upon receipt of your request after paying the check request fee.

They’ll send the inspection letter immediately to the hairdressing council. You can find the sample application form here.

Please note that the state currently has reciprocal agreements with Kansas, North Dakota, and Arizona.

Why choose this profession?

Groomed looks are fashionable today, so good, tasteful hairdressers are very popular. In addition, the Department of Employment and Economic Development predicts that the number of barbers will increase by 7% in 2022 to keep pace with the demand for their services.

Therefore, to be a good specialist, you must become an undergraduate, study the field in great detail, after which you’ll become a real and in-demand specialist.

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Luiza S

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