Minnesota Business License

Minnesota Business License

In Minnesota not all businesses need to be licensed. Moreover, if needed licenses and permits are issued by the City Clerk or other authorities. Learn how to apply for the Minnesota business license. And, how to use Minnesota business license lookup or Minnesota business license lookup tools.

Does Minnesota require a business license?

If you want to start a business in Minnesota, you will be ready to go through a long process of registering your new business with a number of federal, state and local agencies.

However, the state of Minnesota doesn’t require a general business license. But, rules for business registration vary depending on the cities and your business type. Many of those cities even require you to have a license.

Cities and license types

For example, in Minneapolis certain types of businesses such as contractors, tanning salons, food related businesses etc. should apply to the Office of Business Licenses and Consumer Licenses for a license.

Meanwhile, in St. Paul businesses like bakeries, restaurants, auto body shops and several more cannot operate without a business license.

Business types such as contractors, ice cream vendors, mobile food vendors etc. should register with the City Clerk in the city of Rochester.

To sum up, before you start your business in Minnesota, you’d be better to check with your local authorities about the Minnesota business license. And, also learn the steps on how to register your business.

How do I get a business license in Minnesota?

To get a business license in Minnesota you can from a local authorities.

For example, in Rochester you should register your business with the City Clerk. Or, in Minneapolis the Office of the Business Licenses and Consumer Licenses is the body that is responsible to issue a business license. Similarly, in Bloomington also, for your Minnesota business license you should apply to the Bloomington City Clerk’s Office.

But, the license is required for businesses offering garbage services, massage therapists, tanning salons and so on.

How much does it cost to start a business in Minnesota?

To start a business, firstly you will need to choose the type of your business structure. But, before it, you should pick a name for your business and register it. Then, you should apply for the Minnesota Tax ID Number. After that, get an Employer Identification Number.

Some municipalities require a permit before adding signage or obtaining a building permit.

And, it is important to know that Businesses purchasing merchandise to resell will usually want to obtain a Minnesota Certificate of Exemption in order to not pay sales tax for merchandise that is being resold to customers.

The only payment you are going to do is while registering your business. If you are going to form an LLC in Minnesota you will need to file the articles of organization with the Secretary of State. To process and record this document you will need to pay $155 for filling it online or in-person. But, if you are going to send it by mail you will have to pay $135.

Can you run a business without a business license in Minnesota?

In short, yes. But, it depends on the business type you are going to start. That’s why you should check with the City Clerk or with the local municipalities.

Use the MN business license lookup tool to learn whether you need to have a license or not.

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