Minnesota Contractor License

Minnesota Contractor License

Thinking of starting your contractor business in Minnesota and are in need of well-founded information about the requirements of obtaining a license? You are in the right place because every little detail of earning your contractor’s license in the state will be discussed here. This article will give you many tips and steps to save your time and energy as we researched and collected the data on the process of obtaining a Minnesota contractor’s license, search and lookup.

How do I get my contractor’s license in Minnesota?

If you are going to conduct residential or commercial construction services you may need to be registered with The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and get licensed. To get contracting work, you must pass the exam for your specialty to test your skills. If you work one of these fields mentioned below, you need to take a different exam than other general contractors:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Manufactured housing construction contractors
  • Elevator contractors
  • High-pressure piping contractors

Once you decide the type of contractor’s license you need, prepare to apply for a specialty exam. Unlike other states, Minnesota doesn’t require prerequisite experience or educational requirements to apply for specialty exams. You can apply online to take the exam or mail the submitted application form along with an application fee of $50.

Regardless of your business entity, if your company conducts residential building contractors, roofing, remodeling, or manufactured home installment works you should get a license. Assign one qualifying individual from your business who shall pass the pre-licensing exam on behalf of your company.

To pass the exam you need to score a minimum of 70% by answering 110 questions. Fortunately, there is an exam guide with sample questions to get prepared properly.

Does Minnesota require a contractor’s license?

If your work requires one skill or you’re a subcontractor, obtaining a license in these cases is not mandatory. Residential building contractors and residential remodelers who contract with an owner to perform two or more special skills in building construction services must hold a license. If your job is in two or more specialties listed below you must obtain a license:

  • Exterior finishing
  • Interior finishing
  • Carpentry
  • Excavation
  • Drywall
  • *Roofing (a roofing license is mandatory if your specialty is only in roofing)
  • Masonry

Although in most cases MN contractor’s licensing is not a must to run your business, keep in mind that it will build trust and credibility to your company. Clients will be more confident to reach businesses or individuals who pass the exams evaluating the needed skills and knowledge of the specialty. Additionally, holding a license guarantees legal protection from unpaid or inefficient work both for employers and employees. Therefore, obtaining a contractor’s license to set up your business in Minnesota is essential.

If you perform residential or commercial building construction or improvement works in MN without a license, you must be registered through the Contractor Registration Program. You don’t have to submit the registration program when applying for a contractor’s license. To learn more about independent contractor registration, visit here

How do you see if a company is licensed and insured in Minnesota?

To avoid scams and risks to your project before hiring contractors make sure that the business or individual conducting the work is licensed. Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry offers a license and registration lookup page to verify the current status of the company or the individual. Through the license and registration search feature, you can find out information about registered and licensed businesses in Minnesota, bonds, and certifications that are issued by DLI. On top of that, you can also check the contractor’s qualifying person’s number and the records of registered contractors.

Does a handyman need a license in Minnesota?

If you fall under one of the below-mentioned categories, you don’t have to obtain a contractor’s license. The contractor’s licensing in MN is not mandatory if you are:

  • A subcontractor who doesn’t contract with the owner (although you need to be registered with DLI)
  • A commercial contractor(again the registration with DLI is a must)
  • An employee of the licensed contractor
  • Making less than $15,000 per year and have a Certificate of Exemption
  • Working on the residential building that has more than 4 units
  • A homeowner conducting works on  your own property
  • An architect or engineer carrying out the work within the scope of their practice

If any of the mentioned categories don’t apply to you, make sure to get your contractor’s license. First, take the examinations that assess your competency, then get bond and insurance to complete the application form. Prior to your application, you should obtain EIN, state tax identification, and pay the processing fees.

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