Minnesota Driver License

Minnesota Driver License

You must consider other, more important things, before taking the wheel in your hands. That is to say, if you want to drive legally in the state of Minnesota, you need a Minnesota driver’s license.

Taking the Minnesota Driver License Test

In case, you own a driver’s license from another state, you must take a knowledge test. The test will help you learn about Minnesota driving laws and requirements.

Another test you will have to pass is called the skills driving test. This is needed when more than one year has passed from the expiration date of your driver’s license.

Finally, you will have to pass both of these tests if you have moved to Minnesota from other countries. Exceptions are the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Guam, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Northern Mariana, and Canada.

Is it hard to pass the driving test in Minnesota?

For some drivers, this test can be rather challenging. To clarify, with the right knowledge you can make it easier than ever.

All you need to practice very well is: drive safely in traffic, follow signs and signals, keep an eye on other drivers and follow the road rules.

To make your readiness level perfect you’ll need to complete a driver’s education course. Another solution will be studying the Minnesota driver’s manual. It is full of driving laws, instructions, and safety tips.

Is the Minnesota driver license knowledge test easier to pass?

We would rather say it is more difficult than the driving test. You need to use your intellect and practical knowledge. Again, the Minnesota driver’s manual will be a helping hand for you. The important laws and driving instructions will lead you to success.

You can also take other tests similar to this one. For example, online practice quizzes can be a great help. In this way, you can study the material on your own. However, to make your knowledge more reliable you can take an education course.

Applying for a Driver License in Minnesota

While applying for your Minnesota driver’s license, you need to:

  1. Fill in the Minnesota driver’s license application form
  2. Present your social security number
  3. Provide two forms of identifications: primary and secondary
  4. Bring with yourself your previous driver’s license that is from another state
  5. Show that you have passed the special testing requirements
  6. Pass an eye test and take a photo
  7. Pay the required fees

Minnesota age requirements

In fact, you can obtain two types of Minnesota driver’s licenses:

  1. Full driver’s license that can get 18 years old drivers.
  2. Provisional driver’s license for drivers who are at least 16 years old.

If drivers are even younger (15 years old), they need an instruction permit to get a driver’s license.

In order to get all the privileges as a full driver’s license owner, drivers should pass a practice. They should know all the requirements of their type of license.

Vehicle Registrations in Minnesota

Requirements include:

  1. Vehicle title or registration card (if there is no title)
  2. Personal data of the lien holders: name and address
  3. Your vehicle’s reading odometer
  4. Minnesota driver’s license or another identification form

Vehicle insurance

After you register your vehicle in Minnesota, you must make sure it is properly insured. Don’t forget to pass an appropriate insurance. One day you will definitely have to show the proof of your insurance upon someone’s demand.

Minnesota ID card

After applying for your Minnesota driver’s license you must get an ID card as well. For that, you can visit either a licensing office or any exam station.

Here are the requirements you must meet to apply for a Minnesota ID card:

  1. Provide two identification documents: one primary and one secondary
  2. Your birth date and your name should be written in the primary document
  3. If there are any papers written not in English, you must provide a qualified English translation
  4. Laminated and converted documents can’t pass the verification
  5. In case of a temporary residence, you must have official immigration papers (such as Form I-20, DS-2019, I-797)

How long does it take to get a Minnesota driver’s license?

In fact, you can check the length of the waiting period online. According to the recent estimates, 10 business days should pass after the appliance. However, the waiting period keeps changing very often. You need to check it before applying for the Minnesota driver’s license.

How much is the fee to get a Minnesota driver’s license?

As we have already mentioned there are two types of Minnesota driver’s license. For a full Minnesota driver’s license, the fee is $30-32. In case you are getting a provisional license, you must pay about a $20 fee.

Sometimes there is a need to update your license and change it from a regular driver’s license to an enhanced one. For this, you will have to pay additional fees. The additional fees also refer to the application, testing, processing, and other things.

Remember that these fees may change from time to time. And not to make any mistakes, check them with your local DVS beforehand.

What do I need to renew my Minnesota driver’s license?

As for all the other licenses, there comes a day when the Minnesota driver’s license also expires. Whether it is already expired or will be soon, you need to make a renewal. If more than 1 year has passed from its expiration date, you will have to retake the knowledge test at any DVS exam office.

When is the appropriate time to renew a Minnesota driver’s license?

Usually, driver and vehicle services are responsible for that. They send a postcard via mail to inform drivers about renewal. They do it about 45 days before the license expires. It is stated, that you need to renew your Minnesota driver’s license every four years by your birthday.

Here is the step by step renewal process:

  1. First thing is to complete an online application
  2. Bring your current driver’s license to make it invalid
  3. Pay the appropriate fee for renewal
  4. Pass a vision screening
  5. Provide a picture of yourself and leave your signature
  6. Finally, get your temporary documents until the office sends the new card via mail

Important paperwork: Your current Minnesota driver’s license, appropriate payment, and the Social Security Number.

Renewal fee

The sum of money depends on the class of a Minnesota driver’s license. It can vary from $15 to $50. You had better check it with the local vehicle-renewal services.

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