Minnesota Plumbing License

Minnesota Plumbing License

Department of Labor and Industry defines a master as an individual who has skills in planning, supervising, and practical installation. Also who is otherwise lawfully able to contract for installations and to conduct the business of plumbing, and who is familiar with the laws and rules governing the same.

A Journey Worker

A limited authorization and code compliance bond that has been on file for at least 5 years are required. MN’s plumbing reciprocity requirements recognize a permit from another state.

  • Submit an application ($50)
  • Pass the relevant test
  • Training Programs
  • Enter your zip code to get data on programs and obtain enrollment information

Testing for Minnesota Plumbing License

A potential employee can arrange it at 1 of the test venues once they accept there. The examination costs $120.


You may arrange it online if DLI have previously received your notification that they approved to appearance for 1. You may need the number from your acceptance notification as well as the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

If you want a copy of your number, email [email protected] with your complete name and the test number you applied for. They’ll get back to you as soon as possible with your number.

Requirements for a Journeyman License

The term “journey worker” is used instead of “journeyman.” A journey worker is defined as “an individual, other than a master, who, as a major vocation, is engaged as an employee of, or otherwise working under the supervision of, a professional in the actual construction.”
To obtain a journey employee permit, one can meet the following demands:

  • Provide proof of registration as an apprentice worker
  • Proof of having held a currently restricted journey worker or restricted master authorization for at least two years
  • Confirm at least 7,000 hours of field experience over four years
  • Proof of at least 2,000 hours in-field experience with water distribution system installation AND at least 2,000 hours in-field experience with drain, waste, and vent system installation AND at least 1,000 hours in-field experience with fixture installation
  • Fill out an application ($50)
  • Take the relevant examination


An applicant can schedule the testing at one of the state-approved examination venues once their application for the test has been accepted. The examination costs $120.

Submit all the necessary data to the Department of Labour and Industry.

Requirements for Plumbing Apprenticeship

Apprentices are referred to as unlicensed employees. There is no demand for work experience, and the filing cost is $14. Persons, who perform all work, he or she must do that under the direct supervision of an employee.

You have to tell them about your current health state before they admit you to undergo an exam.

Note: For some jobs, the state may require you to have Contractor Permit as well.

Tennessen Notice

DLI will utilize these questions to check for potential health hazards in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The Government Data Practices Act considers the information from your responses as private.

These questions are not a COVID-19 test and won’t tell you if you have COVID-19 or not.

To safeguard DLI staff and the public, agency professionals, including non-medical personnel, gathers and examine this data. This is to determine whether to allow you to take it that day depending on the presence of risk factors.

Law is not compelling you to submit this information. If you decline to supply the data, you will be unable to take the exam that day.

You can share the information with these questions with agency personnel collecting the information. Also with agency HR personnel, the agency safety administrator, agency management, and other individuals or entities.


The following is a selection of trade schools that offer programs:

  • Hennepin Technical College
  • MN Community and Technical College
  • West Community and Technical College
  • Northland Community and Technical College
  • Saint Paul College

Minnesota Plumbing License Lookup

Law requires plumbers to operate under the direct supervision of a professional one. The Department of Labor and Industry website has a licensee lookup tool.

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