Minnesota Security License

Minnesota Security License

An armed security officer is covered by the Agency for the Protection. A protective agency is an organization that offers protection administration. A specialist is needed to be certified. Yet, an armed guard employed by this Protective Agent can be not certified.

However, there are a few prerequisites that should be finished, for example, gun practice. More data on this and different topics may be found in this article. Keep perusing if you wish to get a Minnesota Security license.

Minnesota Security License Basic Requirements

There are several basic conditions that are to be met by all candidates. The first consideration refers to age. One has to be at least 21 years old to participate. Applicants ought also to be US citizens or registered individuals.

The following point is that a person ought to pass a background check that includes anti-doping. You should not forget that using drugs or being addicted to them will prevent you from achieving your goal. So, if you want to get a certificate, be careful about what you do.

To advance to the next round, they are also obliged to have a Minnesota state driver’s license. If you do not have one, follow the link to find out how to obtain it. Physical fitness is one of the most important factors among the various demands.

Mental stability is one of the following points. Dishonest facts such as frauding the documents are another hindering factor for receiving the necessary documentation.

Basic Pieces of Training

Agents have to complete some training. The latter is 12 hours long. It consists of the following:

  • First Aid & CPR
  • Surveillance operation and documentation
  • Incident Response
  • Legal Affairs
  • Patrol and Observation
  • Working with and addressing the public

MN Weapons Training

In addition to the initial 12 hours, armed guards in the specified state are obliged to undergo an additional 12 hours of armed training. Aside from that, each year, all of these guards must complete six hours of persisting training.

The Minnesota Licensing Information is a good place to start if you want to learn more. Call (651) 793-2666 if you need a quick response to your questions.

Other Requirements You Must Know

There are some provisions for everyone to meet. It applies to CEOs and CFOs as well as qualified representatives, MN managers, and sole owners. The latter is true in the case of corporations.

These authorities, as well as all other employees, have to pass a background check. Each person must give five unconnected references according to which he or she has spent at least five years of training. For this reason, the council will supply certain forms.

The Licensing Agency requires that candidates post a $10,000 bond. Furthermore, these individuals have to have insurance that meets the Board of Directors’ needs or demonstrate a financial ability to respond to liabilities.

Insurance should cover general liability, personal injuries, and performed operations, among other things. Instead, a statement of net worth can be accepted by the agency. You can also provide a letter of credit that is irreversible. The number of employees determines the minimal amount.

The Application Process

Instructions can be found on the website of the Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services. You have to obtain the application from the Board. Whether they are a sole owner, a partnership, or a corporation, people must supply some specific information.

It is to state whether the company provides defense or investigation services. You are to pay a $25 charge with your application request. You can contact the Board if you have any questions.

The application will contain numerous signers. An exception will make individual entrepreneurs. Everyone who signs up has to provide a work and residency history. They ought to show a photograph as well as a criminal record. In addition, candidates must provide references and fingerprints.

Qualified individuals, such as managers, have to provide some documentation. The latter is to demonstrate their knowledge.


Of course, the procedure costs some money. But they vary. In the event of a single person, the fee is $800. The cost for a partnership is $1,600 US dollars. The expense to the corporation is $1,800. The candidate who is denied and does not obtain a certificate gets partial reimbursement.

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